Coming to Frankfurt: Next Generation Suzuki Swift Sport

2011 Frankfurt Auto Show / Comments

The Suzuki Swift Sport finally gets a facelift. After making its debut in 2006, it was time for the Japanese automaker to give the line a new look.

Suzuki is launching the next generation version of their Swift Sport model. The newly-redesigned model features a more aggressive and sporty look, thanks in part to its brand new big front grille. Safety and control were also in mind when the Japanese automaker gave their Swift Sport a facelift. The Swift Sport features a more elegant look than its predecessors. It appears to have a low-hanging look, as the vehicle was designed for better stability and tension.

Cornering stability and more responsive handling are also indicative of the redesigned model's new struts with internal rebound springs and a bespoke rear-suspension design. An electronic stability program further enhances the driver's control of the Swift Sport. It is also equipped with a 1.6-liter M16A motor exclusive to the model. The engine puts out a total of 134hp with 118lb-ft of torque. The redesigned impact-absorbing body was designed for increased safety. The Swift Sport also features seven airbags, including a driver's knee airbag.

The Swift Sport first debuted in 2006 and this is the line's first redesign. The refreshed Suzuki will debut in September at the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show. The 64th edition of Germany's premier auto show will be held from September 13th to the 25th.

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