Commodore Ute is at Death's Door


After nearly 65 years on the road, the beloved Australian Ute is near its end.

Only a few months ago, Ford announced it would permanently drop the beloved rear-wheel-drive Falcon sedan and Ute from its Australian lineup. GM quickly announced that not only was it committed to its Australian brand, Holden, but it would continue building the Commodore sedan even after the Falcon's death. Thing is, GM only mentioned the sedan, not the Commodore Ute. A new report is claiming that Holden will soon retire the Ute after 65 years of use on Australian roads.

Remember, this is the country where the Ute body style was born. It's sadly poetic that it's where it'll die as well. Sales of the Commodore Ute have dropped by 31 percent recently. However, sales of the VF Commodore sedan and wagon have jumped by 15 percent since they first went on sale this past June. Holden will eventually build just two global vehicle platforms. Not surprisingly, neither of them will be turned into a Ute.


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