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Compact Nissan Concepts

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Who ever said golf cars can't be stylish?

Nissan's compact cars don't exactly burn up the track or turn heads on the street (yes, we're also referring to the Leaf). Still, these compact Nissan concepts are awesome from a practicality standpoint. They're great on gas (sometimes gas-free) and future-forward in their styling. Everyone dreams of owning a GT-R, but we all end up with a Versa or Sentra sooner or later. Accept this as fact, and then continue reading ahead to see some of Nissan's latest and greatest compact concepts.

The Leaf can trace at least part of its origin back to the Nuvu concept. The Nuvu is a three-seat EV that looked more like it belonged in a toy chest than on the road. The Nuvu never made it to production, but its spirit lives on in the Leaf.

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If Nissan were to bring any of these concepts to life, it would most likely be the Townpod. The Townpod is an EV designed for young entrepreneurs. Highlights include rear seats that fold into the front seats and the ability to switch between RWD and FWD on-the-fly using a joystick.

The car and motorcycle became one (or close to one) with the Land Glider concept. The Land Glider is a tandem two-seater that ran off of electric power. This Land Glider combines the body of a micro-car with the cornering abilities of a motorcycle and is able to take turns at a 17 degree angle.

It's tough to envision the New Mobility Concept operating anywhere outside of a golf course or gated retirement community. Nissan's Renault Twizy/Ford Think Neighbor copycat was designed for short commutes and for use by car sharing services.