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Can Scions actually be cool?

Toyota's Scion sub brand isn't exactly known for cool concept cars. Sure, there's the newly launched FR-S, but that was more of a rebrand (thanks to Toyota and Subaru) than an actual Scion-inspired concept. But still, the youth-oriented brand is still capable of churning out a few surprises now and then. There have been only a handful of straight Scion concept cars over the years and most of (if not all of them) can be seen here. Scion fanboys and fangirls, this one's for you.

You can file the Scion Five Axis concept under "ridiculous" and "superridiculous". This concept car is the dream of every gamer, coming withthree built-in Xboxes and three LCD screens. The removal of the roof, rear seats and side glass makes this concept nothing but a pipe dream.

The Scion Hako debuted unceremoniously at the 2008 New York Auto Showand hasn't been seen since. The Hako seemed doomed from the start, with Scion's VP calling it a sporty version of a box. Everyone knowsthat there is no such thing as a sporty box.

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This FR-S soapbox derby racer isn't technically a Scion concept, butit's perhaps the only new Scion the brand will be debuting for sometime. The FR-S soapbox derby racer was created for the Red Bull Soapbox Race held biannually in Los Angeles.

Scion and New Balance's 686 line joined forces to create the world'sonly vehicle designed exclusively for snowboarders, the Numeric. The Scion Numeric's unique design draws its inspiration from 686'ssnowboarding apparel, with the tires inspired by snowboarding bootsand an interior littered with stitched panels and breathable mesh.

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