Comparing Old And New Ford F-150 Raptor Yields Subtle Unseen Changes

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Ford did a lot more than downsize the engine and change the front end.

The Fast Lane Truck has had an ongoing competition between the old 2014 Ford F-150 Raptor and the new 2017 version, with previous tests including a race on the drag strip and an on-road drive of the new Raptor topped off by a 0-60 mph run, which easily beat the older Raptor's time. This time around, the YouTube channel has gotten the two trucks together for an old fashioned comparison. While the two aren't driven side by side, we get to see some of the improvements at work.

Starting at the front end, we get to see just how old the new Raptor makes the previous truck look. That may have seemed hear impossible given the futuristic looks of the previous truck, but it also comes at the price of the winch, which no longer makes an appearance up front.

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At least this helps with weight management, which is pushed along further by the use aluminum and the fact that the large and heavy V8 has been replaced by a lighter, more powerful fuel-sipping twin-turbo V6. These, along with a higher ground clearance, make for large changes in character. But it's the small things that count. That's why Ford has eliminated the annoying grille that's attached to the hood and made the grille stationary, replaced SYNC-only features like the heated seats with physical buttons, and endowed the rear tailgate a soft opening feature, a lock, and remote opening capabilities. These make the new Raptor both more livable and better when Baja mode comes into play.

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