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Comparing The McLaren 675LT And McLaren 650S Looks Like Loads Of Fun

These two cars have a lot of differences.

If you think that the McLaren 675LT is just a reworked 650S, think again. Supercar Advocates got these two cars together to talk through some of the differences. The 675LT has many more carbon fiber pieces than the 650S, including a completely new front lip and front hood. The Longtail also boasts bespoke wheels derived from the P1 and wrapped in Pirelli Trofeo R tires and is 1.5-inches longer. The engine is also made out of 50% new components. Are those enough differences for you?!

Specific details aside, the 675LT also drives very differently than the 650S. After taking them both for a spin, Supercar Advocates declares the 650S the far better car to drive every day. The 675LT may be the better "boy racer," but the 650S remains the best car to take a road trip in.

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