Completely Insane Person Builds Real-Life Far Cry 4 Tuk-Tuk, Somehow Hasn’t Killed Himself Yet

Video Game

Apparently it can’t be done without a lot of yelling.

Although it hasn’t been out for long, Far Cry 4 has already inspired no small amount of tuk-tuk love among those who have learned to use it as an effective weapon. So Ubisoft got Colin Furze, holder of several Guinness World Records and all-around crazy person, to build a real-life version of the utilitarian transport turned implement of destruction. Furze’s TUK600 has a 100-horsepower Honda CBR600 motorcycle in it.

If that wasn’t enough, there are AK-47s, Uzis, a pair of RPGs strapped to the roof and a flame thrower. Because there’s no point in half-assing something like this.

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And, of course, the all important build video of the bonkers Brit doing what he does best.