Comrade, Where's My Car?

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Mushroom-pickers in Russia stumbled upon a huge number of Russian army vehicles.

A group of Mushroom connoisseurs went out hunting for the tasty little devils in Russian last week. What they found was something much, much more intriguing. These photos show a huge abandoned Russian army unit complete with huge people-moving trucks, tanks and other assorted vehicles of war. Not much information is given on the incredible amount of machinery left for good here.

The vehicles must have been from many years ago since you can clearly see mold and fungi growing on the windshield wipers of many of these vehicles. What is a bit disturbing is that some of these gigantic tanks still have all of their electrical equipment still in them and in possibly working order. Survey says that the woods isn't necessarily the best place to store your goods, especially if they have the capability of blowing sh... things up. Take a look at the awesome photos and rest assured, the story does have a happy ending. After plenty of searching, they finally found their mushrooms.

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