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Conan O'Brien Going Flat Out In A BMW i8 Is Just Too Funny For Words

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The ginger comedian gets his first taste of the Autobahn.

Living in the US, the German Autobahn is more than just a boring highway for car enthusiasts. American car lovers dream about being able to drive top speed on the autobahn in an expensive car every time they cruise one of the US's boring, speed limited highways. Although not all of us will get the chance to go flat out on the Autobahn, American comedian Conan O'Brien gave us all a taste of what it would be like. O'Brien meets up with a German rally driver who brings a new BMW i8 with him. The i8 is a pretty good choice for some Autobahn blasting.

O'Brien sits shotgun for the first run to get a feel for how the Autobahn works. For an American who is used to crappy drivers and useless speed limits, the polite and efficient world of the German Autobahn can be a bit disorienting.

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When O'Brien first gets a shot behind the wheel, he goes so slowly that even trucks overtake him. Finally, he puts the pedal to the metal and gets up to an impressive speed of 250kph (about 155 mph). Of course, like someone who isn't used to that sort of speed, O'Brien basically screams the entire time. The whole thing is hilarious to watch, and just proves how funny Conan O'Brien can be.