Concept: Nissan New Mobility

Nissan is in the midst of handling its launching of the much anticipated LEAF, but this hasn't stopped the automaker from revealing the New Mobility Concept. This is Nissan's latest attempt to interpret the future of all-electric vehicles. Nissan says that it's focused on four keywords to describe the concept: innovative, easy, safe, and clean. The concept is expected to provide sustainable transport in urban settings and is being promoted for elderly and single households.

The two-seater concept was first debuted at last year's Frankfurt Motor Show. Details weren't really released, but we've learned that it's 90.6 inches long, 44.5 inches wide, and would be powered by a 20-horsepower electric motor. Top speed is said to be around 47 mph, and acceleration is compared to that of a 125cc motorcycle. While this may seem like a great innovation and a glimpse into what's to come in the realm of electric vehicles, we can't help but think of the hidden environmental consequences that were raised in recent CarBuzz editorials- Shifting Gears.

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