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The world's poles are perhaps the toughest places in the world to drive in. "Top Gear " somehow managed to drive a Toyota Hilux to the North Pole, but that was a made-for-TV rarity, not something that happens every day. Designers are attempting to change how people travel in the Arctic and in Antarctica. These concept cars are all designed to thrive in freezing cold temperatures that would normally destroy most cars, save of course for a Toyota Hilux.

Escola Elisava's Burton Malumute concept is the automotive equivalent of cross-country skiing. The Burton Malumute can seat three and is powered by a rear-mounted engine. The vehicles two rear treads are nothing strange, but its front skis certainly are a sight for sore eyes.

I wonder if Clarkson and May would have been as comfortable driving to the North Pole in the Polar Concept Utility Vehicle than in their Hilux. Juha-Pekka Rautio's concept truck is designed to haul snowmobiles and can seat two. The tires of the Polar CUV can adapt to changes in terrain, and a plow can be attached to the front to clear snow.

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The Misha concept car is perhaps the only car in the world designed specifically for families in Siberia. Alekseev Andrey's Misha concept can seat four, features a built-in entertainment window and has tires inspired by a bear's paws.

As a chrome car lover it is easy for me to jump on the Morphex concept car bandwagon. Morphex was designed by Lulian Vornicu of Romania and is packed to the gills with future tech. The body of Morphex is made out of a shape memory alloy. This alloy can return to its usual state even after being dented. The windscreen has been replaced by a 3D board showing a view of the outside world.

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