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Configure Your Dream McLaren 600LT Before It Sells Out Completely

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The car costs $240,000, but dreams are free.

Very few people will ever have the opportunity to walk into a showroom and configure their very own limited edition supercar. While the privilege of custom ordering a supercar may be limited to a wealthy few, it doesn't mean the rest of us can't dream about what the experience might be like. This experience is even more limited with special edition supercars that are typically sold out as soon as they are revealed.

The McLaren 600LT is a limited run supercar with a starting price of $240,000 and the 12-month production run is nearly sold out. So unless you know someone high up at McLaren, you probably aren't getting one. Don't be discouraged, because you can still fulfill your dream of building your own 600LT with McLaren's new online configurator.

The configurator offers 28 different exterior colors, though we wouldn't be surprised if buyers could create any color they want through the McLaren Special Operations (MSO) division. Those exterior colors can be paired with three Alcantara and three Nappa leather interiors along with a nearly endless array of trim options.

To show off a few of the different configuration options, McLaren had its Chief Test Driver, Kenny Brack, and Brand Ambassador, Bruno Senna, configure their very own 600LT models. Brack went for a Sicilian Yellow example with a full Carbon Black Alcantara interior while Senna opted for Burton Blue with some orange accents on the exterior and interior.

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We love seeing manufacturers offer online configurators for limited edition cars like the 600LT. Lamborghini recently offered a configurator for the Aventador SVJ, even though fewer than 1,000 are set to be produced. Limited edition supercars like this typically increase in price immediately after being delivered, so the chances of ever being able to own one are slim. Fortunately, companies like McLaren and Lamborghini at least give us the opportunity to live out our dreams by configuring one online.