Configuring The New Aston Martin DB11 Is The Best Way To Spend A Day

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There are 35 paint colors and all of them are gorgeous.

The Aston Martin DB11 is a supercar that has been getting a lot of love and, oddly, a lot of hate, as well. While we think it looks absolutely stunning in pictures and in real life, some people say it's a sad attempt at creating a proper successor to the DB9. Well, we think the new DB11 looks absolutely incredible and the automaker's configurator proves that. Not only does the supercar look amazing in any color, its interior also looks pretty darn good, too. Seriously, if you are lucky enough to have the money to buy a DB11 get one, because it's a glorious thing.

There are over 35 exterior colors to choose from and the DB11 looks good in every single one. But we'd regret getting the supercar in a color other than green, so Appletree Green is the shade we sprung for. As for the inside, the "Duotone Environment" looks good when done correctly, but the "Monotone Environment" is the safer choice, so we went with it. There are three leather choices to choose from, but the base Strathmore in Sandstorm seemed like the best fit. Building the perfect DB11 is a lengthy process since there are a lot of options to explore. Let us know what your perfect DB11 looks like in the comments.

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