CONFIRMED: Chevrolet Colorado ZR2 Bison Arrives Next Month

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Here's what we can expect from the most hardcore Colorado yet.

Chevrolet has confirmed that the all-new Colorado ZR2 Bison will be revealed on May 31 through a teaser posted to its Facebook account. While camouflage conceals the imposing bodywork, it looks as if the newcomer will be an impressive truck and live up to its predecessor, a hugely popular prospect.

Compared to lesser models, it's clear to see the ZR2 Bison will wade into battle with a greater ground clearance than the lesser ZR2, which boasts 10.7 inches of clearance. The black-painted, five-spoke wheels are wrapped in chunky off-road tires, which should provide the grip and capability off-road enthusiasts desire.

It appears as if the ZR2 Bison will receive a model-specific front bumper with fog lights concealed in a unique light cluster. The concealed hood implies that Chevrolet will introduce even larger power bulges to set this range-topper apart from lesser models.

Chevrolet Performance/Facebook

We can also see the Chevrolet Bowtie badge features red accents, repeated by the dual front-mounted tow hooks. A prominent skid plate will protect the undercarriage from any unexpected bashes with harsh rocks and terrain. The rear fenders, hidden behind black concealment, likely hide model-specific details or decals.

Sadly, Chevrolet hasn't shared any additional details on the Colorado ZR2 Bison, but it's safe to assume the Raptor rival will receive a unique suspension setup that will enable it to hunt down its forthcoming competitors from Ford and Toyota. It would be great to see a tuned version of the 2.7-liter four-cylinder turbocharged engine that does duty in the entire lineup.

As a reminder, the latest generation dropped the V6 and turbodiesel for a single powerplant that produces up to 310 horsepower and 430 lb-ft of torque. It would be nice to see minor upgrades to set the ZR2 Bison apart from the rest.

Chevrolet Performance/Facebook

It would certainly make sense, as the new Ranger Raptor is expected to produce 392 hp and 430 lb-ft. The Chev will be outclassed in the power stakes not only by the Ford but perhaps even Toyota. The upcoming Tacoma Trailhunter is expected to use a hybrid powertrain that could deliver more horses (340 hp) but less torque (400 lb-ft).

The all-new Colorado was revealed nine months ago and replaced an aging truck that had reached its expiration date. It's better in every way; improved approach angles, a revised chassis, and a longer wheelbase make it better to drive, regardless of the conditions.

While details are scant, we won't have to wait much longer now. As mentioned, Chevrolet has said the reveal will take place on May 31. We wonder if its rival from Toyota will break cover first, but all we know is that it's an exciting time for off-road and truck aficionados.

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