CONFIRMED: Infiniti Working On High Performance Model

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We can't say if it'll be anything like the Q50 Eau Rouge, though.

Those who've kept track of Infiniti's more recent concept cars will have noticed a distinct performance-centric theme with the firm's design studies - ranging from GT-R-powered super sedans to hybrid sports cars like the stunning Emerg-e. As a result, it's unusual that Infiniti hasn't really got anything racier in its line-up than the 400-hp Q60 S coupe. However, that is all about to change in the coming years according to Francois Bancon, Infiniti's VP of Product Planning, who spoke with us in Paris.

Speaking to us in the same interview where we acquired some new info on Infiniti's technological plans, Mr. Bancon confirmed another sportier Infiniti model is still very much in the carmaker's thoughts and that it is well aware of the fact it would be beneficial if another performance-focused model was also a part of Infiniti's line-up. Two to three possibilities" are currently being discussed at this stage, and Monsieur Bancon's references to "high power outputs and EV technology" a clear indication of the options on the table regarding the powertrain of this eventual performance model.

One interesting point brought up in the discussion, though, was that profitability may not be a huge factor to consider when Infiniti decides to greenlight the project. According to Monsieur Bancon, a business case for the car wouldn't necessarily expect the vehicle to break even; suggesting Infiniti accepts it may lose money on the venture. Seemingly a bigger priority, though, is to ensure the car won't be seen as "a joke." Infiniti will start work on the car once it has the capacity and ability to do the vehicle and the company justice. So, hopefully it won't take Infiniti too long to get to where it wants to be and we'll be seeing a high-performance model in the next couple of years.

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