CONFIRMED: New Alpine Sports Car Will Be Here By End Of Year


Not long to wait now.

Of all the in-development sports cars we know of, few have generated as much hype as the upcoming Alpine. Through a combination of being a media darling and genuinely sounding like it'll be a cracking little sports car, there are now plenty of people the world over who are eagerly anticipating the new coupe from Dieppe. As a result, we imagine many people will be pleased to know the car should be revealed before the end of the year. This, according to Alpine's Managing Director, Michael van der Sande, who we spoke with at Paris 2016.

The small French sports car company is on track to showcase the new Alpine model "towards the end of 2016" as good progress is being made with the development cars. Further suggesting that we'll definitely be seeing the customer-spec Alpine in 2016 is that investments are being made at facilities like the Dieppe factory's paint shop. Which, to us at least, implies it won't be much longer now until the first production cars start rolling off the assembly line. As a result, it's probably not a surprise to know that Alpine's also eyeing up potential franchises for when the car is launched across "most of Europe in 2017."

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For instance, roughly 60 or so outlets on the continent are on Alpine's radar, with a possibility that some of these franchises will set up standalone Alpine showrooms. Plus, while Alpine will primarily be focusing on the European market initially, there is always the scope of launching into new territories - with van der Sande revealing there's been a "surprising" amount of interest from people in countries that the Alpine brand has never been active in. Whether this means we'll see Alpine set up shop in, say, the States is anyone's guess at the moment, but - if the car ends up being as terrific as we're all hoping it to be - there's hopefully a very good chance that Alpine will broaden its horizons in the coming years.