CONFIRMED: Nissan Maxima To Be Killed Off Next Year

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Nissan's large sedan has overstayed its visit.

When the 2022 Nissan Maxima arrived with only minor changes, the end seemed near for this previously popular sedan that still continues to satisfy the few who buy it. After all, rumors of the Maxima's demise have been circulating for quite some time, and it doesn't help that large sedans without a premium badge on the nose have been struggling. We reached out to Nissan to find out what the status of the Maxima is in North America and the company confirmed what we suspected: from the middle of 2023, production of the current Maxima will come to an end. Nissan's focus on EVs was mentioned as reasoning for the decision, but a replacement was not ruled out entirely.

2019-2022 Nissan Maxima Front Angle View Nissan

"Maxima is one of the most storied nameplates for Nissan in North America," said the company in a statement to CarBuzz. "Today, we announced to our employees, suppliers and dealers that the current-generation Maxima will end production in the middle of 2023."

Nissan was quick to point to its Ambition 2030 plan that will prioritize EVs and new technologies. By 2030, it wants 40% of sales to be made up of EVs. Two all-new electric models, including a new Infiniti, were also announced to be built at the the Canton Assembly Plant in Mississippi. We know that the Ariya is coming, but neither this nor the newer EVs that were announced are direct replacements for the Maxima, so will there be a new generation of the sedan?

"Please stay tuned for future Nissan Maxima news as we empower journeys through exciting vehicles and tech innovation," concluded Nissan it its statement to us. While no further details were shared, this - together with the fact that Nissan said the current Maxima's production run is ending next year - leads us to believe that a new model isn't off the table.

Toyota has demonstrated with the all-new Crown hybrid sedan that it won't abandon the large sedan segment entirely, but it has done so with a car that is very different to the Avalon. Perhaps Nissan will take the same approach with a crossover-style Maxima that is electrified for a new era.

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2019-2022 Nissan Maxima Side View
2019-2022 Nissan Maxima Side View Driving
2019-2022 Nissan Maxima Front View
2019-2022 Nissan Maxima Front Angle View

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