CONFIRMED: Skoda To Decide On Entering US By End Of Decade


And we expect it to happen.

Stories of Skoda launching in the US aren't anything new, but after speaking with Skoda's Brand Director, David Movassaghi at the Paris Motor Show, we now have a much better idea of when the launch will happen and what models will be used for Skoda's Stateside return. While Skoda and parent company VW Group have yet to commit to a concrete answer on whether the Czech automaker will be introduced to America, our query into these introduction-to-America rumors was met with palpable enthusiasm and an apparent plan of action.

The North American market makes up roughly a quarter of the world's new car sales, which is why higher ups at the VW Group are giving serious consideration to the move. And with its tarnished reputation courtesy of Dieselgate, trying to rebrand itself in the US with a new, relatively unknown marque, now makes even more sense. Furthermore, these incredibly early signs of interest in bringing Skoda to the States are part of what was described as a "2025 plan." The final decision on whether to bring Skoda to the US we were told has not been made but will come before the end of the current decade.

Skoda's association with value for money and excellent customer service will be elements that the brand would ideally want to retain when launching in the US. More importantly are the models it will use to introduce itself to the N. American market. When we asked Movassaghi what he'd do if he were to hypothetically launch Skoda in the States, he said "the Superb sedan and the new Kodiaq have the potential to do really well in the American market." Spending some time with the cars here in Paris, we'd consider that an understatement. These are high-quality vehicles, and coupled with VW's need to win back some customers, to our mind the writing is now on the wall that Skoda will expand into the US in the very near future; a concrete case of when, not if.

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