Congratulations To Honda For Building Its 100 Millionth Car

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That is one seriously amazing milestone.

2016 has been a big year for production milestones. Honda has just reached a significant one by building its 100 millionth car. To put that in perspective, Mini just built its 3 millionth car, and McLaren its 10,000th. Honda's accomplishment is clearly no small feat. When Mini and McLaren reached their milestones, they celebrated by taking pictures of the milestone cars. We asked Honda which car was the 100 millionth, but were informed that it would be impossible to know because around 18,000 cars are built every day across several locations.

Honda currently builds over 5 million cars per year. The company began production back in 1963 with the T360 mini-truck and the S500 sports car. One year later, Honda opened up a factory in Sayama City to produce the iconic S600 roadster. Since the company's early days, the company has expanded to produce cars that are exported across the world. Honda currently builds cars in the UK like the Civic and Jazz as well as SUVs like the CR-V and HR-V. The brand even developed its flagship supercar, the NSX, in the United States. Currently, Honda has 34 production facilities located on five continents.

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The president and CEO of Honda said, “Thanks to the support from our customers around the world, Honda was able to deliver 100 million automobiles. The passion of our company founder who wanted to help people in their daily lives and pursue the joy of driving has been inherited by Honda associates as the original starting point of Honda automobile manufacturing. Striving to meet the next 100 million customers, Honda will continue delivering increasingly attractive products.”