Consortium Offers $9 Billion To Purchase Lamborghini

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Is the VW Group ready for another big change?

A brand new Lamborghini Sian will require you to part with over $3.5 million and the Italian automaker doesn't sell any model for less than $200,000, casual reminders that owning a Lamborghini is out of reach for most of us. But what would you expect to pay for the Lamborghini brand as a whole? Well, a breaking report from Autocar revealed that the Volkswagen Group - under which Lamborghini resides - has been offered the sum of €7.5 billion (over $9.1 billion) for Automobili Lamborghini by a Zurich-based holding company called Quantum Group AG. If the non-binding offer goes ahead, it wouldn't be the first big shake-up within the VW Group in recent times.

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Interestingly, Quantum Group AG's acquisition offer is represented by Rea Stark who is the co-founder of Piech Automotive. This company is responsible for one of the 2019 Geneva Motor Show's most interesting reveals, the Piech Mark Zero EV. Quantum Group AG has formed a consortium with Centricus Asset Management. With the working title Outlook 2030, the aim is to create a "technology and lifestyle investment platform."

Of course, none of this matters if the VW Group isn't interested in selling Lamborghini in the first place. An Audi spokesperson was recently contacted and said quite bluntly that "Lamborghini is not for sale."

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The detailed acquisition offer highlights some interesting plans should the deal go ahead. Quantum Group AG proposed that Lamborghini become a "spearhead for innovation by consistently implementing new clean drivetrain technologies." The Zurich-based company is interested in a five-year supplier agreement with Audi and a business plan was specified that indicates an "upscale" in volume for Lamborghini and "an EV solution" in 2025. However, days ago it was reported that Lamborghini's first EV would only arrive by 2030.

A more decisive and comprehensive response from the VW Group hasn't been made public yet but with the expense involved in developing successors to today's Lamborghini models like the Aventador, Quantum's offer should provoke some interesting conversations.

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Source Credits: Autocar

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2019-2021 Lamborghini Urus Badge
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