Consumer Reports Has Just Named This Car As The Best You Can Buy

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Don't worry, it's not the Toyota Prius.

In all honesty, this news isn't as shocking as it was last year. That should be a dead giveaway right there regarding Consumer Reports' choice for this year's best overall car. Haven't guessed yet? We'll tell you then: the Tesla Model S. Yep, a pure EV is better, at least according to CR, than just about everything else out there today. Impressive. CR made its decision because of the fact the Model S continues "to eclipse the innovation, magnificence, and sheer technological arrogance."


Unlike other cars which typically become outdated, Tesla can perform over-the-air software updates. A 2013 Model S has most of the same features the 2015 car has. More importantly, CR subscribers have reported average reliability. Combined with its stellar performance and handling, real world driving range, luxury, and its overall advanced technology, the Tesla Model S is still the best overall car one can buy today (if you've got the cash, that is).
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