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Consumer Reports is Having Problems With its Tesla Model S

Has the honeymoon review period just ended?

Although it scored a record high rating after undergoing rigorous testing, the Tesla Model S bought by Consumer Reports is reportedly experiencing a few issues. The publication is claiming there are a range of minor issues that have plagued the EV. CR has so far racked up 16,000 miles. However, its staff has had its fair share of problems like the retractable door handles failing to open, a broken buckle in the third row seat, a center screen that actually went blank, and even the front trunk lid not opening.

Some problems, such as the door handles, were fixed via an over-the-air programming update. Issues involving the blank screen, buckle and front trunk lid were all covered under warranty.

The latter two had to be replaced completely when the car paid a visit to the Tesla service center. Now, CR isn’t drawing any conclusions just yet, but it will be releasing its latest reliability analysis this fall. It’ll be interesting to see where the Tesla scores and whether or not these problems still persist (or if there are any new ones).

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