Consumer Reports: Model S Bests Cadillac ELR

Concept-car styling and the Volt's drivetrain is no match for Elon Musk's creation.

There's no denying the elegance and sophistication of the Cadillac ELR's design, and hopefully other carmakers will follow GM's lead and create a new generation of good-looking Evs. While in agreement, Consumer Reports has found holes in the General's sleek range-extender. The typically luxurious interior, complete with wood and suede trim, is a nice place to be. Unless you're in the back and bigger than Michael J. Fox.

The ELR also has a mere slit for a back window and, although it drives well and comes with sleek 20-inch alloys, the main problem is the price tag of $75,995. That figure puts it in the Tesla Model S bracket, an EV which is roomier, greener, and more than likely safer than the ELR. It's not a bad looking thing either.

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