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Consumer Reports Pits the BMW i8 Against the Tesla Model S

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Which is the better green performance machine?

They are two of the most high-tech cars you can buy today. Certainly each one isn't without its share of critics as well as fans, the new BMW i8 and Tesla Model S are different in many ways. But at the same time they both represent the so-called future of motoring. While the Model S is a shining example of how a pure EV can be much more than a daily driver, the i8 proves that the marriage between an electric motor and a small gasoline engine can be used to create a true sports car. Whether we like it or not, both are just the start of a new era.

But which is better at being, well, green and exciting? Consumer Reports, who absolutely loved the Tesla, gets behind the wheel of the i8 for comparison purposes. Which one is best at delivering supercar acceleration while being fuel efficient?

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