Consumer Reports Prefers the M235i Over the 911, Corvette

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In fact, BMW just scored its highest rating ever from CR.

Say what you want about Consumer Reports, but the publication is always looking out for the best interests of you, the consumer. It's not just a clever name. CR regularly does comparison tests and its latest one involved a contest between the Porsche 911 S, Chevrolet Corvette Stingray LT3, and the BMW M235i. Before anyone says anything, allow us to point out the obvious: for starters, the M235i is cheaper than both the Vette and 911.


It's also less powerful and, well, it's pretty much in a different class of sports cars entirely. But CR compared the three anyway, and it awarded the M235i with 98 out of 100 possible points. The 911 Carrera S earned a 95, while the Corvette received a 92. So what is it about the Bimmer? It has a "classic BMW mold…offers tenacious cornering, and really is a totally dual-purpose car." To best summarize it, CR described it as an "inspiring, sporty car, plain and simple." Although both the Corvette and 911 "pack more punch," it was the M235i that proved more comfortable on the road. So what do you all think? Was this a fair comparison test, or is Consumer Reports totally out of its mind?

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