Controlling Your Mercedes With Your Phone Now Easier Than Ever

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Mercedes has upgraded its connected app with impressive new features.

The race to autonomous vehicles is in full swing, but while we wait for further developments, there are already exciting technological advances available to motorists, advances that can make life much easier. Among them is the introduction of connected apps that can seamlessly integrate your car's vitals with your smartphone, making it easier to check up on the car, start it remotely, and more. Porsche has a new parking app, as well as an app that can improve your progress on the track. Mercedes has its own app too, called Mercedes me connect, and this innovation has now evolved for greater ease of use and more functionality.


Before you start wondering which new vehicles this new app is compatible with, the good news is that yours may already be compatible. The updates to the app allow it to work with model year 2019 and newer Mercedes vehicles. A new feature is the ability to pair most vehicles and activate services directly through the app, without you having to visit a dealership. Among its features are things like remote start, remote door lock and unlock, and the ability to check the vehicle's status. You can check things like mileage, fuel level, tire pressure, fluid levels, and more. But there's more.

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In addition to these impressive features, you can also take advantage of the car's facility for remote diagnostics, which allows a dealership service technician to check issues from the dealer and help you troubleshoot any problems. If, after reviewing the diagnostic readouts, the technician determines that an urgent issue must be attended to, you can navigate to your nearest dealer through the app. This is also helpful when a service is required. Finally, you can also preset a location and the car's nav system will navigate to that location when you get in. More updates and features are promised soon too. Guess it's time to buy an S-Class.

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