Cool Or Cuckoo: How Would You Describe The Wheels On This M6?

Better question: Would you ever let these wheels on your car?

These unique wheels from mbDESIGN GmbH are the definition of polarizing. Some may laud the TwoFace wheels for their uniqueness while others will slam them for looking ridiculous. Whatever your view, you can’t say that mbDESIGN GmbH didn’t do something original. The combination of holes and spokes isn’t one you see very often, if at all, and the multi-color scheme is quite eye-catching. Whether or not they add to the appeal of the M6 is a whole other issue entirely.

In case you were wondering these wheels come in a variety of sizes (18 to 21 inches) with prices ranging from $1,062 to $1,387 per wheel. The M6 is of course sold separately.

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