Cop Opens Fire at Minivan Full of Kids

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Trip to the Rio Grande turns sour after a traffic stop escalates into a wild scene involving a high speed chase and gunfire.

What started as a routine traffic stop quickly descended into a maniacal scene with a 14-year old kid rushing a cop, a dangerous high-speed chase, a cop smashing a window with his baton and another firing at the back of a minivan full of kids. Only in Merica. The heated incident began outside Taos where Oriana Ferrell was pulled over for going 71mph in a 55 mph zone having travelled to New Mexico from Memphis for an educational trip. Looks like they learned a lesson or two about cops.

With her five kids aged 6 to 18 in tow, Ferrell can't decide whether to pay the $126 fine or contest the charge in court. While the cop returns to his car, she drives off before immediately being pulled over again. This is where things begin to spiral out of control.

There's yelling, pulling, shoving, rushing, Taser threats, window smashing and, the coup de grace, three shots fired into the back of the fleeing vehicle. A high-speed chase into Taos ensues before Ferrell gives up in front of a hotel where she was arrested for child abuse, resisting an officer, aggravated fleeing an officer, reckless driving and possession of drug paraphernalia (in the form of two marijuana pipes). Her son was arrested with battery of an officer, while the officers involved have not been named but their actions are under internal investigation.

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