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Cop Resigns After Being Caught Drag Racing

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He was just having a little fun. What's all the fuss about?

It all started out as some fun between a couple of motorcycle enthusiasts. But it ended with a Montgomery, Alabama, police officer's resignation. Lawrence Lee Spillers was out riding one day when he came to a traffic light and noticed a local police officer on a Harley-Davidson stopped right next to him. Spillers then asks if he wants to race. The officer gamely replies that he's got turbo power. Sure enough when the light turns green the officer takes off with Spillers in pursuit.

The two continue their fun for a few more intersections, but they never went crazy fast – Spillers's visible speedometer is proof.

Unfortunately for the officer, the whole thing was caught on video and posted online. He resigned once it went viral. Spillers only wanted to show how he and the cop were having a good time. He never intended to get the officer into trouble. Spillers's has since started a petition to get the officer reinstated, but the local police chief doesn't seem to care, stating that "Police officers should obey the law, not violate them." Yes, and as far as we can tell, no laws were violated. So give the guy his job back.

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