Cop Trolls Slow Driver


This officer has a sense of humor.

We have all been there. Cruising in the fast lane, (obeying the speed limit of course), when we come up against someone slowly chugging along. It is frustrating, but there is little we can do about it other then try to get around them. That is, unless you are a police officer. In this video, we see a cop behind one of these annoying drivers. He tails him for awhile, certainly making the guy very nervous. After a few minutes, the lights and sirens come on, and the drivers starts to pull over to the right.

Seems like a routine traffic stop, except in reality, it is just some amazing trolling. The officer gets the guy over to the slow lane, and then leaves. Amazing. Not only did the driver get out of a ticket, but we all get a good laugh in the process. Sit back and enjoy watching a police officer with a sense of humor.

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