Copper And Yellow Combine To Create One Of The Sexiest i8s Around


This is a simply gorgeous wrap.

There aren't many BMW i8s on the road, and those that have made it off the assembly line tend to look pretty damn tame. It's not that stock i8s look bad, it's just that there aren't many owners who want to mess with BMW's futuristic styling. We don't blame them. However, one Abu Dhabi dealer decided to give an i8 a copper and yellow wrap, and the result is pretty damn good. It's not as loud as some other wraps we've seen, and that's a good thing.

Not many people think of copper when choosing a car color, but perhaps this i8 will start a trend. One thing is for sure: Copper and yellow are an underappreciated color combination when it comes to cars. Here's hoping the sheikh or oil baron that buys this car doesn't instantly throw a new wrap on it.

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