Cops Closed A Road So This Guy Could Do 200 MPH In An Aventador

And cue a handful of cops getting fired in 3...2...1

Last week that we saw video of the new Acura NSX doing 192 mph on a stretch of Germany’s autobahn. Those kind of speeds are hard to attain (legally) in the US due to the fact that our highways have speed limits. But YouTuber Rego Apps has just uploaded a video of his Lamborghini Aventador doing 200 mph on a public road in the United States. According to the video description the run was done legally, with police blocking off the roads for a short time. You can’t see any cops in this video, but the roads are clear.

At 2:02 you can see a line of traffic waiting to enter the highway with what looks to be a motorcycle cop blocking the entryway. What you can't ever see is the speedometer hitting 200 mph.

You do see it touch 190 mph, though, so we'll take this guy at his word. What we want to know more about is how the highway was closed. Were the cops paid off, and if so how much was spent? How long was the highway closed for? Was it one long block of time or a few short intervals? We need answers!

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