Cops Get Caught Doing Donuts In Ford Explorer

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This Ford Explorer Police Interceptor isn't ideally set up for drifting, but the cop pulls it off.

Over the last few days, a major snowstorm has been ravaging the Northeastern United States, making driving conditions extremely treacherous. But as this clip shared on Instagram shows, some people are using the conditions to their advantage to enjoy some sideways driving fun.

We've all seen delinquent drivers performing donuts in empty parking lots to show off, which often doesn't end well as they don't have the necessary driving skills to keep the car under control. In this case, the driver doing the donuts was a police officer putting his advanced driver training to use in the slippery conditions.


In the video you can see a cop practicing their driving skills in a Ford Explorer Police Interceptor in an empty parking lot late at night in New York City. Another officer watched the drifting display next to his Explorer parked up nearby. They were probably hoping nobody was looking, but the tomfoolery was caught on camera by someone filming from inside their apartment. Judging from the number of tire tracks in the snow, the fun lasted a long time.

What's also impressive is that the SUV used appears to be a fifth-generation Ford Explorer Interceptor powered by a 3.5-liter EcoBoost V6 generating 365 horsepower that's sent to an all-wheel-drive system.


This isn't an ideal setup for drifting, but the police officer pulls it off. The new 2020 Ford Explorer Police Interceptor, on the other hand, is based on a rear-wheel-drive platform, making it better suited to sliding in the snow.

Of course, these cops should be setting a better example because if anyone else got caught drifting in the snow they would be accused of reckless driving and get penalized. When The Drive reached out to the NYPD, a spokesperson said they had seen the video and "are looking into it," so their snow drifting session could have consequences even if they argue it was for "training purposes".

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