Cops Will Love Steeda's New Ford Explorer Police Interceptor

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If you see one of these giving pursuit, just pull over and give up.

Dubai's police force may have some of the finest patrol cars in the world, but American police fleets have got some pretty cool law enforcement vehicles of their own. Recently, Steeda unveiled a Ford Mustang police vehicle with several performance enhancements, and now it's the turn of the venerable Ford Explorer Police Interceptor.

Steeda's upgrades ensure first responders have an even sharper handling vehicle - important when you're in pursuit of reckless criminals. Depending on your needs, Steeda can increase performance (for the 3.0-liter EcoBoost) or beef up the suspension for off-road jaunts and high-speed stability.

The twin-turbo EcoBoost V6 can be tuned to provide more than 400 horsepower, thanks to the fitment of an SCT X4 tuner. The company notes this allows drivers to choose their preferred state of tune via a subtle controller and, what's more, it's compliant with various emission legislations.

Steeda Steeda Steeda Steeda

The biggest changes can be found underneath. Steeda notes the suspension upgrades provide the Explorer Police Interceptor with comparable handling to the Mustang, with flatter cornering characteristics and a more controlled ride on dirt roads and rougher surfaces. Available for all variants, the tuner's lowering springs give the SUV an aggressive look and also reduce nose-dive under braking.

The adjustable rear sway bar also benefits tractability and high-speed handling. Not only does it make piloting the Police Interceptor a more pleasurable experience, but it also keeps it planted through corners. Lastly, a strut tower brace provides increased front-end rigidity.

With regards to the exterior, Steeda doesn't change much. In fact, the Ford specialists only fit the Explorer with subtle Steeda badging; a nice way of letting the criminal classes know they'd come off second best in a police chase. Velgen VF5 wheels are also available. As you can see in the photos, these upgrades can be fitted to vehicles with different needs.

Steeda Steeda Steeda Steeda

The reveal of this specially modified Explorer and the Mustang (seen below) coincide with the newly-launched Steeda Special Service Vehicles program. "We are a performance company, so we have ensured these vehicles can handle, accelerate, stop, and keep up with just about any vehicle they have to pursue," notes Steeda.

It would be interesting to see how many law enforcement agencies across the country call on Steeda for their expertise. We're guessing officers and sheriffs alike will be fighting for the keys of either vehicle, as their benefits are clear to see. Emergency responders are often under great stress in high pursuit situations. A safe and responsive vehicle alleviates some of that.

Interestingly, these new models are the polar opposite of the NYPD's latest patrol vehicle. New York's finest are looking at pressing 100 Mustang Mach-Es into patrol duty and, while that sounds promising, some of the country's police officers haven't been too pleased with their electric police vehicles.

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