Copyright Infrin... What? Man Charged for his Converted Fiero-Ferrari

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The Italian government is paying a businessman a huge compliment… and threatening him with litigation.

Ever hear the expression "You can't put lipstick on a pig?" Well, an Italian businessman did. Sort of. This fellow really wanted a Ferrari, however he couldn't afford the hefty price tag. His solution? Turn his old Pontiac Fiero into a Ferrari 355. The finished product is actually quite amazing. The interior, exterior, badging, etc. all closely resemble the Italian supercar so much that only a real Ferrari enthusiast would even be able to tell it isn't the real deal.

The businessman was so thorough and exact with his work that when he was pulled over by police during a routine check, they notified authorities and he was charged with counterfeiting a trademark... seriously. Apparently this businessman wasn't as precise with the paperwork as he was with the conversion. The car was registered as a Pontiac and this work of art is, of course, far from that. Hopefully the patent and trademark violations are dropped because for all his hard work and effort trying to save some dough, this Pontiac Fiero could end up costing him more than the famed Italian sports car.

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