Coronavirus Won't Stop 2020 Corvette Deliveries

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Customers rejoice.

The novel coronavirus has caused a worldwide pandemic and has lead to great economic havoc. Automakers are certainly not immune. The production lines have come to halt in most countries and workers are out of the job. In addition, dealerships are selling fewer cars because of newly imposed home quarantine restrictions. in some states. But for those who previously placed orders for new vehicles, such as the all-new 2020 Chevrolet Corvette, you may still be in luck.

Corvette Blogger has learned that C8 deliveries are still planned as usual, despite the fact the Bowling Green, Kentucky plant has been idled for at least two weeks. A Chevy spokesperson confirmed that "We are continuing to ship vehicles to dealers and will continue to monitor the situation and adjust plans if needed."


Obviously, this is great news for C8 customers who've already had to wait longer for their new cars to arrive following the six-week UAW strike last year. For those only now hoping to place an order for a new Vette, well, you'll just have to wait and be patient. Also, many Chevy dealerships remain open (for now) and those new C8s should arrive in the coming days. However, those aforementioned home quarantine restrictions could make it very difficult if not outright impossible for customers to venture out to take delivery. But there is an alternative.

Last week, Chevy launched its "Chevy Cares" program aimed to assist customers during the era of COVID-19. One of its benefits is the home delivery of a new vehicle. It would be very wise for all Chevy customers to take advantage of this.

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As you read this, the Corvette production plant is undergoing a deep cleaning as part of a wider effort to eradicate any possible traces of the virus in order to guarantee the health and safety of plant workers. This process is expected to last through March 30. At that time, company officials will evaluate the situation and consult with the state and federal government before determining its next steps.

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