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Corvette C7 Prototype in Gran Turismo 5

Want to drive the new Corvette C7? Boot up the PS3 and pop in GT5.

Pick up a racing game like Gran Turismo 5 and you'll find an endless array of cars to drive. The majority are digitally-recreated versions of cars that actually exist, but once in a while the developers will throw in something out of the ordinary. While the world awaits the release of the next-generation C7 Corvette, Chevrolet and Polyphony Digital have teamed up to put a camouflaged prototype of the upcoming American sportscar into Gran Turismo 5 for gamers to enjoy just like a factory test driver or engineer would - only in digital form.

When rendering a car for a game like this, the developers painstakingly recreate every detail. But since the new C7 remains under wraps, they meticulously rendered every crease in the camouflage. The C7 prototype joins the full array of Corvettes past and present in the GT5 garage as we wait for the new Vette's debut in January at the Detroit show.

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