Insider Claims Corvette C8 Will Be Called 'Manta Ray'

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Company insider spills beans on next-gen Corvette.

Uncovering the details of the next-gen Corvette has become something of an obsession with both car fans and the media. After images of the supposed key fob of the C8 was leaked earlier this week, we now have an apparent Corvette insider who claims to know a whole lot more about the upcoming C8 than anyone else has so far.

To put things into perspective, the claims were posted on the by a new user using the name unlimitedPower. This has so far been their one and only post so we can't verify the validity of what was posted.

Disclaimers aside, the claims that unlimitedPower makes for the upcoming C8 Corvette certainly are interesting. Apparently, it will be called the Corvette Manta Ray and the entry-level engine will be an updated LT1 V8 with around 520 horsepower and 485 lb-ft of torque on tap. There will be three variants, a base model, a luxurious Grand Tour offering and a track-honed Grand Sport version.

All will feature a dual-clutch transmission and the GT will be fitted with a Cadillac-sourced 4.2-liter twin-turbo V8. We assume this could be the 'Blackwing' unit developed for the soon to be axed CT6-V sports sedan, although in this application the turbos will be moved from inside the V to the sides for some reason.


The Grand Sport will have a 5.5-liter twin-turbo V8 that according to unlimitedPower dominates the Germans and Italians in private track sessions. Now this is where he gets a bit breathless with his analogies calling the powerplant 'beastly' and saying that those that have driven it found it frightening to floor it. GM have also apparently had a team of lawyers in to advise them on the 'legal perils' of selling such a potent vehicle for street use.

While the post definitely makes for interesting reading, we are left to wonder how much of it is true. No for long though as all should be revealed at next year's Detroit Auto Show which is where the Corvette C8 is most likely going to go public.


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