Corvette, Camaro are Chevy's Design Future

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The best and really only way to make Chevy globally cool.

Barely a day goes by without either the Chevrolet Corvette or Camaro (or both) featured somewhere in the news. Overrated, perhaps? Not at all, considering how much power and performance you get for your hard earned dollars. But there's something else to each of them that's of vital importance: design. The new Corvette Stingray is a huge step forward in many areas, but its design may be the most dramatic change. The recently refreshed Camaro is a wonderful blend of classic muscle car looks with modern styling.

Point being is that both cars are the highlights of Chevy's current lineup, in design terms. So it should come as no shock that GM's design chief, Ed Willburn, and Chevy's European CEO, Thomas Sedran, want to use the pair as design inspirations for the brand's expanding global lineup. You'll see much more of it in the future, particularly the front surface treatment of the Corvette," Willburn recently stated. The reason for this is logical: increase brand awareness with the styling influence of Chevy's two halo cars. "The Corvette has expressive design and value for money; it's a bargain. That's true for all of our cars," summarized Sedran.

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