Corvette Comes Free with Vette Painting

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It might sound like a lot for a painting, but it's actually a pretty good deal.

The line between functional industrial design and pure artistic expression is often delightfully blurry when it comes to automobiles. Take the example of the 1963 split window Corvette Sting Ray, which is just a beautiful car to start with. That split rear window is especially important. It was dropped after 1963 as it hampered visibility, yet was originally included because it helped draw together the lines of the car's rear end.

These kinds of concessions in the name of aesthetics are important when considering the artistic merit of a car, and this was surely what artist Timothy Raines had in mind when he decided to paint the car. And it is this rear section (later dubbed a "Boattail" when adopted by Buick for the Riviera) which he focused on. Raines is now teaming up with the DuPont Registry to offer a special deal: buy the painting for $150,000 and they'll throw in the car for free. The car is a concourse-quality example of the breed, complete with classic silver blue paint to match that of the painting.

We here at CarBuzz are sadly not as familiar with the ins and out of art collecting as we ought to be, but we can tell you that the price is about average for a '63 split window in this kind of shape if it was being sold all on its own. So whether you'd like to think of it as getting a free car with your painting or a free painting with your car, the truth is that you really will come out ahead either way. And besides, how many people can brag they have an abstract painting of their own car?

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