Corvette Data Recorder Catches Yet Another Dealership Joyride

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This seriously needs to stop and dealerships need to be penalized.

We have heard this story before. Owner takes Corvette for service. Service people take the car for an unnecessary joyride. In the past, dealership employees have been caught doing everything from putting far too many miles on the car to actually totaling the car. This latest story was posted to Corvette Forum by a disgruntled customer who caught his local dealership taking his car on a joyride. The C7 Corvette is unique because its valet mode takes video using the in-car data recorder to show the owner what happens when someone else is driving the car.

Forum user 95Bat posted this video of the test drive that was taken by a technician at Three-Way Chevrolet in Bakersfield, California. The data recorder shows that the technician took the car to over 80 mph and floored the throttle several times to get through yellow lights.

The owner of the 2016 Corvette was only offered a "rude apology to make it right." GM Customer Care also said that it wasn't their problem, and that the owner should take it up with the dealer. We hate seeing a dealership taking advantage of a customer's car. Luckily in this instance, nothing bad happened to the car, but it still shouldn't have happened in the first place.

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