Corvette Drift Failure Leads to Crash

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One guy's drifting failure causes a hit-and-run and many laughs from those who witnessed it.

Just because you're the owner of a pretty cool car doesn't necessarily mean you know how to properly handle it while drifting. For many people, in fact, it's probably best not to drift period. But hey, it's a lot of fun to do and we can't blame those who give it a try. But at least try to avoid hitting another car and/or any other object such as the cameraman in the process. In the case of this idiot Corvette driver, his little drifting and donut episode is already off to a poor start after nearly slamming into the guy filming the moment.

Immediately after this, a pickup truck passes by just as the Corvette crosses over into the opposite lane. A hit and run ensues but the collision could have been much worse.

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