Corvette Driver Crashes After 120 MPH Street Race

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There's a lesson to be learned here.

There are plenty of good reasons why street racing is illegal and extremely dangerous. For those who might still be tempted to try and avoid authorities, this latest incident will hopefully convince them to abandon the idea for good. According to ABC 10 news affiliate in Fairfield, California, the driver of a 1998 Chevrolet Corvette was involved in a fiery crash last Saturday afternoon after going over 120 mph while racing another car.

Witnesses claim that vehicle might be a purple Dodge Charger. The Corvette's 34-year-old driver sustained life-threatening injuries while his passenger got lucky and walked away with minor injuries. Both were wearing seatbelts, according to the California Highway Patrol report.

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The exact cause of the crash remains under investigation. What is known is that the driver somehow lost control while racing and crashed into a concrete barrier while approaching a local highway entrance. The Corvette immediately burst into flames once it came to rest. As you can see by the photos taken from the scene, there are parts of the Corvette scattered across the road.

All that's left intact of the car are the frame and drivetrain. Rescue services managed to extract both the driver and passenger before they caught on fire. It doesn't appear the Charger also crashed but authorities still want to locate its owner.

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The report doesn't state when or if charges will be brought because the first priority remains the driver's health. Fortunately, no other vehicles were involved which would have made the situation far worse.

Street racing has increased in popularity over the past several years as people attempt to replicate things they see in movies and video games. Many car clubs and cities continue to publically denounce the practice and strict new anti-racing laws have been passed. Authorities have been increasing patrols in areas where street races have been known to take place. The photos showing this race's destructive aftermath are hopefully nasty enough to provide some deterrence.

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Source Credits: ABC 10 Fairfield

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