Corvette Driver Loses Control And Uses Epic Skills To Avoid A Wreck

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Racing is one of the last real sporting events left and here's why.

Despite the decades that are spent refining how a car puts its horsepower to the pavement, it's not always easy or straightforward to make all of that thrust go in the intended direction. Even drag strip legends like the Corvette Z06 have a hard time doing so, but the danger is compounded when sticky drag tires fail to gain any traction. That's exactly what happens in this race between two supercharged Chevys. Of course, the Blue Chevy "Murderer" isn't stock, and we can assume that its grey racing companion isn't either.

According to the video description, the Murderer is rocking a methanol injection kit with revised camshafts, headers, pulley, and intake, enough to shock any competitors wrongfully thinking it's stock.

Unfortunately for this contender, the Murderer almost actually became a murderer when it lost control soon after launch. The rear end gives out, sending the blue Corvette on a collision course with its sibling. Quick reactions and a stroke of luck are the only things that save this situation from getting worse. It's still unclear what led the blue Corvette to lose control the way it did, but after the commotion happens, we can see the Vette rolling down the strip with a white substance leaking onto its right tire. Better to fix a leak than own a write-off.

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