Corvette Factory Tours Will Stop For 18 Months To Keep The C8 Classified

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Change is happening.

Woody Allen once wrote that "All people know the same truth. Our lives consist of how we chose to distort it." In the case of the upcoming Chevrolet C8 Corvette, we all know it'll switch from a front- to a mid-engine setup, despite how some Corvette purists may be mentally pretending that isn't happening. It is, and according to The Bowling Green Daily News, the Bowling Green, Kentucky, Corvette production facility will suspend factory tours for 18 months due to "extensive work planned at the plant."

Translation: re-tooling from C7 to C8. During that time, it's possible some of the C8's still highly guarded secrets could be exposed, and Chevrolet, obviously, doesn't want the public to know about it yet. It also appears that some of that re-tooling will also help streamline the assembly line. For example, "the new paint shop...has to be tied into the existing assembly line. The old paint shop is on the opposite side of the plant." If an 18-month factory tour closure sounds like a long time, that's because it is. Several day-long closures are quite normal, such as the many scheduled for this month alone.

But beginning on June 16, that's it for a year-and-a-half. Bowling Green, Kentucky is also home to the National Corvette Museum, so it's common for visitors to combine museum and factory tours during their stay. Starting in the winter of 2018, however, visitors can once again tour the factory, at which point C8 production will be underway.

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