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Corvette Gets Crushed By Falling Tree, Driver Somehow Survives

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This guy is seriously lucky to be alive.

Looking at the photos of this crushed Corvette, you wouldn't think anyone could possibly survive. Charlotte Observer reports that Sonny Dixon was driving his Corvette in Charlotte, North Carolina, when a violent thunderstorm broke out severely reducing visibility. Without warning, a massive tree landed on the roof of the sports car, crushing the Corvette and trapping Dixon inside. "I just didn't know what was going on with all the glass coming from everywhere," he told the publication.

"I looked around like this and there was a tree right behind my head." Incredibly, Dixon survived with only cuts and bruises. Luckily for him, the tree fell just behind him, but it still forced his head into the car. "Blood was coming from everywhere, and I didn't know how I was gonna get out of this car and I just started praying," he said. Neighbours who saw the incident rushed to his rescue, and within minutes he was freed from the wreckage. "Everybody thought I would have a broken neck or a broken back because of my position in the car," Dixon explained. The cut to Dixon's head required 22 stitches, but his injuries clearly could have been far worse.

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The same can't be said for the crumpled Corvette, which had its roof flattened and likely suffered mechanical damage. Dixon isn't mourning the loss of his Corvette, however, since he has the luxury of owning 15 other cars. It was fortunate he was driving the Corvette at the time, as his family reckon the roll bar on the car may have saved his life.