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Corvette Has Finally Restored The Sinkhole-Damaged 1 Millionth Corvette

It’s like nothing ever happened.

Do you rememberwhen a massive sinkhole swallowed eight historic Corvettes last year? Well, fast forward to a year later and General Motors has finally finished restoring the 1 millionth Corvette C4. It’s taken approximately four months and 1,200man-hours to get the Corvette back to its original glory, but we’d say theeffort was definitely worth it. The vehicle was moved to GM’S Design’sMechanical Assembly Group and Service Operations where 30 craftspeople, as wellas technicians went to work on the vehicle.

According to MarkReuss General Motors Executive Vice President: “When we disassembled it, we found that each employee involved inbuilding it had signed a part of the car, which was fantastic and moving tosee,” stated Reuss. Even with the Corvette’s extensive damage, the team attemptedto preserve and repair as many original components as possible, including theparts that carried a signature. Only two signed components were unable to be recovered,but the team managed to scan the autographs and transfer them onto thereplacement parts. This is only the second Corvette to be restored by GM followingthe “Blue Devil” prototype and we have to say that the C4 looks better thanever.

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