Corvette Museum Cashing in on Sinkhole

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It's called putting the whole ordeal on DVD for $12.95 a pop.

Clearly this is something people aren't tired of hearing about, or so the National Corvette Museum believes in any case. Now available for sale on DVD is this: "Sinkhole At The National Corvette Museum." It tells the story we all know very well in 39 minutes. On February 12, 2014, a massive sinkhole opened up directly under the floor of the museum that houses some of the rarest and most exclusive Corvettes ever built. A total of eight Corvettes, some of them irreplaceable, took the plunge southward into the Earth.

The museum soon capitalized on the tragedy by putting the sinkhole itself on display. But now the sinkhole is being filled in and the museum doesn't want us to forget it. And for $12.95 you can follow everything that happened from the initial 911 call to the recovery of the Corvettes.

National Corvette Museum
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