Corvette Museum Sinkhole to Become Permanent

Hey, whatever brings in more customers.

Remember back in February when that 30-foot sinkhole swallowed several rare Corvettes, including a 1993 ZR-1 Spyder and a ’92 White 1 Millionth Corvette? Really, how could anyone forget? If you’ve followed this story, you know that all of those Corvettes have since been rescued from the deep and are in the restoration process. However, museum officials soon realized that the sinkhole itself became a huge attraction.

Actually, business is up by 59 percent at the National Chevy Corvette Museum in Kentucky. The new main attraction has become – you guessed it – that sinkhole. Museum officials originally intended to fill in the sinkhole and restore the room entirely where some of the most special Corvettes are on display. But the crowd just loved that giant hole, so a compromise was reached: the museum board decided to seal up just part of the hole and leave a 25 ft by 45 ft section open with a maximum depth of 30 ft. Officials said that if interest in the sinkhole ever decreases, they can decide later t fill it in and repair it entirely. Until then, the sinkhole (or part of it) remains.

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