Corvette Stingray and SRT Viper Track Tested

Edmunds investigates who has the right to call itself America’s premier sports car.

For some, the question doesn’t even need to be asked. The Corvette has set the American sports car standard for the past sixty years and with the new C7 Stingray, GM’s halo car will continue to do so. The fifth-generation Viper, previously under the Dodge marque and now with SRT, is arguably the Vette’s closest challenger. Well, the Z06 and ZR1 variants at least, but Edmunds only had the Z51-package Stingray to play with when comparing its performance capabilities with the Viper.

0-60 mph launches, braking distances, slalom runs, quarter-mile times and skip pad ratings were all tested. Check the video to see which all-American sports car came out on top.

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